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Wel­come to Opti­mal Spinal Health in Mil­ton!

We are excited to bring our vital­is­tic, patient-​centred and fam­ily well­ness minded health care model to Mil­ton. We have over 35 years of com­bined clin­i­cal expe­ri­ence between two loca­tions in the Greater Toronto area: Vaughan and Milton.

Our goal is con­tin­u­ous improve­ment, and to offer the most advanced chi­ro­prac­tic care avail­able. This is why we serve all types of patients from com­pet­i­tive gym­nasts, to Team Canada ath­letes and Olympians, to com­pet­i­tive swim­mers, to fam­i­lies from new­born to adulthood.

For more infor­ma­tion or to sched­ule a com­pre­hen­sive chi­ro­prac­tic appoint­ment in Mil­ton, call 4164577213 or request an Appoint­ment today!

Employ­ment Oppor­tu­nity

Entry Level Office Assistant

Loca­tion: 8383 Weston Rd. #108

Supervisor’s Title: Clinic Director

Salary Range: Com­men­su­rate with experience

Ben­e­fits: Provided

Post­ing Date: July 17th, 2014

Vaughan Chi­ro­prac­tic

Oper­ates as a Pri­vate Fam­ily Holis­tic Health & Well­ness Cen­tre where peo­ple of all ages come for exam­i­na­tions, care and edu­ca­tion about the prin­ci­ples of impor­tance when it comes to liv­ing with more Opti­mal Spinal Health and Life­time Wellness.

It is our team vision to help make Chi­ro­prac­tic care a nat­ural part of everyone’s healthy lifestyle and to help min­i­mize life dam­ag­ing impact that spinal sub­lux­a­tion has on the expres­sion of nat­ural health for the fam­i­lies through­out our local, GTA and world­wide com­mu­nity. As a leader for Chi­ro­prac­tic in Canada, Vaughan Chi­ro­prac­tic con­tin­ues to work with part­ners in the health & well­ness field to facil­i­tate our shared vision for Opti­mal Spinal Health & Wellness.

Job Sum­mary

The Office Assis­tant is respon­si­ble for under­stand­ing and exe­cut­ing all Vaughan Chi­ro­prac­tic pro­ce­dures to help the cen­tre run as smoothly as pos­si­ble and cre­at­ing more ease for the doctors.

Appro­pri­ate can­di­date must pos­sess a strong mul­ti­task­ing mind­set with an abil­ity to pri­or­i­tize all admin­is­tra­tive tasks with effec­tive­ness and effi­ciency. Appro­pri­ate can­di­date must be com­puter savvy for our paper­less centre.

Key Respon­si­bil­i­ties

Daily opening/​closing of office

Man­ages all incom­ing com­mu­ni­ca­tions (phone/​emails/​social media)

Greets and directs all prac­tice members

Han­dling all cash flow col­lec­tion and recording

Man­ag­ing appoint­ment book daily includ­ing scheduling/​rescheduling and transactions

Admin­is­tra­tive assis­tant to doc­tors, includ­ing prepar­ing reports

Effec­tive prac­tice mem­ber education

Help­ing man­age the exe­cu­tion of daily Vaughan Chi­ro­prac­tic team procedures

Assist in sched­ul­ing mar­ket­ing events and execution


  • A col­lege or uni­ver­sity degree

  • Expe­ri­en­tial under­stand­ing of Holis­ti­cally ori­ented Fam­ily Based Nat­ural Chi­ro­prac­tic care

  • Admin­is­tra­tive Office Expe­ri­ence or Cus­tomer Ser­vice Experience

  • Proven track record of admin­is­tra­tive com­puter soft­ware expe­ri­ence, team based pro­ce­dures and com­mu­ni­ca­tion scripts.


  • Strong lead­er­ship ori­ented cus­tomer ser­vice skills

  • Strong multi-​tasking skills

  • Excel­lent inter­per­sonal, oral and writ­ten com­mu­ni­ca­tions skills and able to be under­stood effec­tively by peo­ple of all ages

  • Abil­ity to pri­or­i­tize tasks effi­ciently and with a focus on main­tain­ing high stan­dard of execution

  • Be a strate­gic, inno­v­a­tive and team based thinker

  • A pas­sion and war­rior spirit for health & well­ness is essential

The incum­bent must also demon­strate the fol­low­ing per­sonal attrib­utes that reflect Vaughan Chiropractic’s Orga­ni­za­tional Values:

  • Account­abil­ity: with both actions and deeds espe­cially as it relates to daily opening/​closing, pro­ce­dural exe­cu­tion and cash flow man­age­ment of all Vaughan Chi­ro­prac­tic funds, gov­er­nance and operations.

  • Excel­lence: by exe­cut­ing to the best of their abil­ity the Vaughan Chi­ro­prac­tic scripts and procedures.

  • Acces­si­bil­ity: of our care to peo­ple of all ages regard­less of gen­der, eth­nic­ity, abil­ity or socioe­co­nomic status.

  • Inno­va­tion: becom­ing a leader amongst all prac­tice mem­bers by con­tin­u­ally look­ing for ways to edu­cate, share and pro­mote the impor­tance of liv­ing with opti­mal spinal health & wellness.

  • Fair­ness: by being con­sis­tent in the inter­pre­ta­tion and appli­ca­tion of poli­cies and pro­ce­dures and on all mat­ters related to the gov­er­nance and oper­a­tions of Vaughan Chiropractic.

  • Respect: acknowl­edge and accept the feed­back and input from stake­hold­ers in a way that is mind­ful of diver­si­fied view­points and engages con­tri­bu­tions to not only the long term growth of Vaughan Chi­ro­prac­tic, but as well the larger Chi­ro­prac­tic com­mu­nity we serve

Require­ments for Applying:

  • Cover let­ter out­lin­ing your unique­ness for this position.

  • Resume

  • Salary Expec­ta­tions

  • Three ref­er­ences

Note: Salary will be com­men­su­rate with the level of expe­ri­ence, skills and qual­i­fi­ca­tions, and sub­ject to nego­ti­a­tion with suc­cess­ful applicant.

Please for­ward your cover let­ter, resume and three ref­er­ences via e-​mail, with ENTRY LEVEL OFFICE ASSIS­TANT in sub­ject head­ing, no later than Mon­day July 28th by 12 noon to:

Vaughan Chi­ro­prac­tic Oper­a­tions Manager

This email address is being pro­tected from spam­bots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being pro­tected from spam­bots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Is Your Mat­tress Mak­ing You Sick

From Mer​cola​.com, Dr Joseph Mercola

Dr. Doris J. Rapp, MD, board-​certified as both an envi­ron­men­tal med­ical spe­cial­ist and pedi­atric aller­gist, dis­cusses the dan­ger­ous chem­i­cals that may be lurk­ing inside your mattress.

Dr. Rapp is a home­opath and the author of the best­selling books Is This Your Child? and Is This Your Child’s World?. She has pub­lished 29 med­ical arti­cles, eight chap­ters in med­ical texts, and 11 other books about allergy.

Dr. Rapp has also pro­duced a num­ber of edu­ca­tional video­tapes that vividly demon­strate the dra­matic phys­i­cal and behav­ioral changes in chil­dren and adults that can be achieved using her method of allergy test­ing called Provocation/​Neutralization.

Dr. Mercola’s Comments:

As of July 1, 2007, all U.S. mat­tresses are required to be highly flame retar­dant, to the extent that they won’t catch on fire if exposed to a blow torch. This means that the man­u­fac­tur­ers are dous­ing them with highly toxic flame-​retardant chem­i­cals like poly­bromi­nated diphenyl ether, bet­ter known as PBDE, which do NOT have to be dis­closed in any way.

PBDEs, which have been banned in Canada, Europe and sev­eral states, build up in your body over time, and what you absorb or inhale does not go away. This is con­cern­ing not only because of the health prob­lems PBDE is asso­ci­ated with (brain and repro­duc­tive dam­age, decreased sperm qual­ity, thy­roid prob­lems and even can­cer at high lev­els), but also because of how per­va­sive these chem­i­cals have become.

PBDEs are not only in mat­tresses, they’re also in fur­ni­ture and count­less other house­hold prod­ucts. Not sur­pris­ingly, the chem­i­cals are now show­ing up in breast milk, blood tests and even umbilical-​cord blood and liv­ers of fetuses.

Other flame-​retardant chem­i­cals cur­rently approved for use in mat­tresses include:

• Boric acid, a toxic res­pi­ra­tory irri­tant used to kill roaches
• Anti­mony, a metal that may be more toxic than mer­cury
• Formalde­hyde, which causes cancer

They have maybe a cup and a half or two cups of this mate­r­ial on the mat­tress. They sprin­kle it over the top or they put it into some kind of a coat­ing on the mat­tress. And this can make peo­ple very, very ill,” Dr. Rapp says.

Think about it.

You spend from six to nine hours every night with your face in close prox­im­ity to your mat­tress, breath­ing in these chem­i­cals. And if your chil­dren jump on the bed, or you bounce on your mat­tress, even more of these tox­ins can be released into the air.

What are the Risks of Sleep­ing on a Chem­i­cally Treated Mattress?

The Con­sumer Prod­ucts Safety Com­mis­sion (CPSC) has tested the fire-​retardant chem­i­cals cur­rently used in mat­tresses and found the risks to be “insignificant.”

How­ever, they also found that the chem­i­cals do, in fact, leach from the mat­tresses. A per­son sleep­ing on a chem­i­cally treated mat­tress will absorb .8 mg of anti­mony every night, an amount that is 27 times more than the U.S. Envi­ron­men­tal Pro­tec­tion Agency says is safe.

Five-​year-​old chil­dren, mean­while, will absorb .5 mg of anti­mony every night, accord­ing to CPSC, which is 63 times more than the EPA’s safety limit!

Given the fact that anti­mony accu­mu­lates in your body over time, this could clearly present a sig­nif­i­cant risk over time.

Mean­while, the CPSC study did not include chil­dren under 5 in their study because crib mat­tresses are usu­ally cov­ered in vinyl, and it was assumed the chem­i­cals would not pass through this mate­r­ial. Euro­pean sci­en­tists, how­ever, have found that anti­mony leaches through vinyl on crib mat­tresses and can be absorbed by infants. And this is not even includ­ing the toxic impact other toxic chem­i­cals in mat­tresses, like boric acid and formaldehyde.

Aside from the chem­i­cal com­po­si­tion, you may also want to con­sider elec­tro­mag­net­ics before you buy your mattress.

Is Your Mat­tress Magnetized?

The springs used to sup­port your mat­tress can be mag­ne­tized, but sleep­ing on a mat­tress that has mag­ne­tized springs is not a good idea for your health. A sim­ple way to con­firm that the mat­tress you’re pur­chas­ing isn’t mag­ne­tized is to take a liquid-​filled com­pass and move it over the entire sur­face of the mattress.

If the com­pass read­ing for the north pole is not deflected more than 10 degrees, then the like­li­hood of the springs being mag­ne­tized is pretty low.

Shop­ping for a Safe Mattress

This is not an easy task. Mat­tress man­u­fac­tur­ers are not required to label or dis­close which chem­i­cals their mat­tresses con­tain. Fur­ther, many state that their mat­tresses are chemical-​free, when in real­ity they are not.

One way to find a safe mat­tress is to have a doc­tor or chi­ro­prac­tor write you a pre­scrip­tion for a chemical-​free mat­tress, and then find a man­u­fac­turer to make one for you. You can also search for 100% wool, toxin-​free mattresses.

A sec­ond option that seems reli­able is find­ing a mat­tress that uses a Kevlar, bullet-​proof type of mate­r­ial in lieu of chem­i­cals for fire-​proofing. These are avail­able in most big stores, and will help you to avoid some of the toxicity.

If cost is a con­cern, Dr. Rapp also sug­gests mak­ing your own mattress.

You buy 100% organic cot­ton or flan­nel blan­kets. Sew them together at the end, just put them in cot­ton berry or cloth cover and you’ll have a mat­tress that’s rel­a­tively inex­pen­sive,” she says.

If you already have a mat­tress at home, putting it into a water­proof mat­tress cover may also help to reduce your expo­sure to toxins.

Finally, if you would like to voice your opin­ion you can sign a peti­tion from Peo​ple​For​CleanBeds​.org that is try­ing to get the laws allow­ing flame-​retardant chem­i­cals in mat­tresses overturned.

I recently needed to pur­chase a mat­tress and selected a Stearns and Fos­ter mat­tress as when I dis­cussed this issue with their chief engi­neer and requested to order a mat­tress pro­duced with­out anti­mony or PBDEs, he explained to me that none of their mat­tresses had it.

Appar­ently they have devel­oped a patented process that actu­ally weaves Kevlar fibers (the mate­r­ial they make bullet-​proof vests out of) into the mat­tress cov­er­ing and this is suf­fi­cient to pass the fire safety stan­dards. I am very happy with this mat­tress as it is FAR more com­fort­able than a num­ber of the organic mat­tresses I had pur­chased in the past.

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