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Healthy Sleep for Kids

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dads tripWhen our older son Max was 3 years old, he faced health chal­lenges with his breath­ing at night. He was not sleep­ing well. He was breath­ing through his mouth, not his nose, snor­ing loudly, and would reg­u­larly stop breath­ing, wake up with a start, then inhale a deep breath and fall asleep again.

This pat­tern in the med­ical world is labeled “obstruc­tive sleep apnea.” It is char­ac­ter­ized by repet­i­tive episodes of upper air­way obstruc­tion that occur dur­ing sleep. The med­ical route of car­ing for it would have been to have his ton­sils and ade­noids removed, and/​or use a machine with a nose mask that he would need to attach each night.

As chi­ro­prac­tors, we decided to leave surgery as a last resort route, know­ing that when health chal­lenges appear, we need to address their cause, not just their symptoms.

First (and most impor­tantly from our per­spec­tive) we con­tin­ued to address any sub­lux­a­tions in his spine, that may have been affect­ing his ner­vous sys­tem and his body’s innate poten­tial for his swollen ton­sils to heal.

Sec­ond, we addressed any irri­tants in his exter­nal envi­ron­ment that may have been trig­ger­ing a chal­lenge in breath­ing. This included a reg­u­lar thor­ough clean­ing of his room, and new insu­la­tion for the floor and win­dows in his room. It also included the replace­ment of a feather duvet with a cot­ton com­forter, and the replace­ment of old pil­lows with new foam ones.

We also changed his sleep­ing sur­face. We replaced his old mat­tress with a new one made from bio-​based foam, that is non-​allergenic, dust and mite free, and non-​gas emitting.

The next win­ter, and each win­ter since, Max has been sleep­ing peace­fully and qui­etly. And his immune sys­tem, and his innate poten­tial to heal is strong. He has the least colds per win­ter out of all of our fam­ily. Way to go Max!

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