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Opti­mized Per­for­mance in Young Athletes

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When moms and dads bring their kids to see me, they bring their chil­dren for a vari­ety of health rea­sons and con­cerns. Fre­quently their son or daugh­ter is suf­fer­ing from joint pain, for exam­ple in their shoul­der, knee or back, that keeps nag­ging them and is not going away.

Some­times their son or daugh­ter has expe­ri­enced head impacts or a con­cus­sion in the sport they play, and because of the force­ful impact it had on the child’s neck, moms and dads bring their child to see me to have their neck and spine checked for subluxations.

These injuries or trau­mas hap­pen in sport. Espe­cially when chil­dren are play­ing sport fre­quently or at a com­pet­i­tive level. Falls and impacts com­monly occur in sports such as hockey, gym­nas­tics, foot­ball, soc­cer, dance, ski­ing, bas­ket­ball and volleyball.

But the trauma might not be from an obvi­ous impact. Trau­mas that cause injury are often repet­i­tive micro trau­mas that are not obvi­ous at all. These trau­mas occur when pos­ture is poor or incor­rect while train­ing and play­ing sport, or in down time hav­ing pro­longed poor pos­ture while play­ing devices, watch­ing tv or unhealthy sleep­ing habits.

Some­times the trauma or impact that a child expe­ri­enced hap­pened ear­lier in life, before they began their sport, such as a fall down the stairs, or a fall from a tree. The ear­li­est trauma that com­monly occurs is dur­ing the birth process, if there is a lot of pulling on the child’s head and neck, or instru­ments such as for­ceps or vac­uum extrac­tion are used.

After a thor­ough health his­tory where we dis­cuss the var­i­ous micro and macro trau­mas that a child has expe­ri­enced, I check a child’s pos­ture, spine, and joint align­ment. When the seg­ments of the spine become mis­aligned, most often due to injuries and trau­mas, it is a con­di­tion called a spinal subluxation.

A spinal sub­lux­a­tion inter­feres with the func­tion of the child’s nerve sys­tem. This can have many dif­fer­ent effects in a child’s body, depend­ing on where the nerves that are inter­fered with go to. For exam­ple, a young hockey player who came to see me, first pre­sented with neck pain, headaches, ring­ing in one ear, and chronic sinus con­ges­tion. Upon exam­i­na­tion, I found that he had spinal sub­lux­a­tions in his neck, from fre­quent head impacts. After a period of restruc­tural cor­rec­tive care, he no longer expe­ri­enced neck pain or headaches, and the ring­ing in his ear and sinus con­ges­tion went away.

Because I was a com­pet­i­tive ath­lete, and I help and coach ath­letes, word spreads quickly amongst kids and their team­mates and par­ents about mak­ing sure they get their spine checked. But, a refer­ral is not nec­es­sary, to sched­ule your child to have their spine and nerve sys­tem checked, or any health con­cerns addressed.

The most reward­ing aspect of my work in help­ing young ath­letes, is not just help­ing with injuries from var­i­ous trau­mas in sport…it is in help­ing opti­mize each ath­letes performance.

See, once the spinal sub­lux­a­tions are cor­rected, a son or daugh­ter is not only injury free, they are now per­form­ing in their sport more opti­mally. This is because, when the spine is well aligned, the nerve sys­tem can func­tion more opti­mally, with­out any interference.

How does this look when it comes to sport? A young ath­lete can play at the top of his or her game. Sub­lux­a­tion free. They have the cut­ting edge. A young gym­nast who sees me for chi­ro­prac­tic care, knows he has this ‘edge’. He is sched­uled to com­pete at the Cana­dian Nation­als this sum­mer. His dad doesn’t allow him to miss an appoint­ment with me, know­ing how impor­tant it is that his son’s nerve sys­tem is work­ing at its best, so that his per­for­mance is optimized.

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