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Think Your Way to Wellness

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b2ap3_thumbnail_think_wellness.jpgWhy do some peo­ple over­flow with energy, and oth­ers feel over­whelm­ing fatigue?

A grow­ing body of research shows how an individual’s atti­tude towards health can deter­mine whether they expe­ri­ence vibrant well-​being or con­stant suffering.

At Vaughan Chi­ro­prac­tic, we encour­age prac­tice mem­bers to adopt new ways of think­ing about health…a well­ness atti­tude.

Adopt a Well­ness Attitude

A well­ness atti­tude focusses on pre­ven­tion, rather than mask­ing symp­toms with med­ica­tion. Prac­tice mem­bers with well­ness atti­tudes don’t wait until they are in pain to visit Dr Gus or Dr Jacque­line. They know that reg­u­lar check­ups and adjust­ments ward off disease.

For many immersed in the allo­pathic med­ical approach to health, adopt­ing a well­ness atti­tude requires a dra­matic par­a­digm shift. For some this shift comes nat­u­rally. For oth­ers, learn­ing a new approach may take years, and may pro­voke a sense of dis­com­fort. Despite the process, one thing is for cer­tain: adopt­ing a well­ness atti­tude is always life optimizing.

Start with the Spine

A well­ness atti­tude starts with the spine.

The ner­vous sys­tem plays a role in all func­tions of the body, includ­ing reg­u­lat­ing the immune sys­tem, breath­ing, diges­tion, and the repro­duc­tive sys­tem. Because the ner­vous sys­tem is housed within the spinal col­umn, any mis­align­ments or sub­lux­a­tions of the spine pre­vent the ner­vous sys­tem from func­tion­ing properly.

This is why chi­ro­prac­tic care cen­tres specif­i­cally on cor­rect­ing the dys­func­tional areas of the spine, called subluxations.

Think Pre­ven­tion First

Do you wait until your teeth fall out from decay before vis­it­ing the den­tist? Do you linger until your car’s radi­a­tor over­heats before replen­ish­ing the coolant? Do you put off an eye exam until you can no longer read the news­pa­per? If you answered “no” to any of these, you’re well on your way to adopt­ing a well­ness atti­tude. Yet, while many under­stand the value of pre­ven­tive den­tal check­ups, they fall short when it comes to spinal health.

Just as it is vital to main­tain reg­u­lar den­tal and eye check­ups, it is essen­tial to sched­ule reg­u­lar chi­ro­prac­tic check­ups. Ideal checkup fre­quency varies between indi­vid­u­als – depend­ing on health his­tory, stress lev­els, sports activ­i­ties and work postures.

Willpower is Not the Answer

Mil­lions of peo­ple start each new year resolv­ing to get in shape. In Jan­u­ary atten­dance at fit­ness gyms soars, but then drop rapidly by Feb 1st.

The prob­lem with willpower is that, sooner or later, it wars off. When it comes to well­ness, willpower is a short­term fix to a longterm challenge.

Behav­ioural experts share that ‘habits’ are the solu­tion to longterm lifestyle trans­for­ma­tions. The human mind thrives on rou­tine and resists change. There­fore, in order to make change last, it must become routine.

Suc­cess­ful habit for­ma­tion requires the fol­low­ing 3 things:

1.Breaking down the chal­lenge into smaller steps


3.Suspension of self-​judgement

We will dis­cuss these in detail at our upcom­ing Liv­ing Well­ness Work­shop: “Think Well” on March 26th, 6:10pm. Atten­dance is lim­ited and com­pli­men­tary to prac­tice mem­bers, and $35 for guests, includ­ing the oppor­tu­nity to have a com­pli­men­tary checkup fol­low­ing the workshop.

Make Your Health Num­ber One

Adopt­ing a well­ness atti­tude means pledg­ing to make health a first pri­or­ity. This shift is dif­fi­cult for many, espe­cially par­ents who argue that their chil­dren should always come first. How­ever, these care­givers do not real­ize the impact that their atti­tudes about health have on their children.

Chil­dren learn by exam­ple, and above all else, their parent’s actions far out­weigh their words. What mes­sage are you send­ing your chil­dren, when you neglect to take time for self-​care?

Join us on March 26th, 6:10pm at Vaughan Chi­ro­prac­tic, to learn more at our Liv­ing Well­ness Work­shop: “Think Well.”

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