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Chi­ro­prac­tic Rep­re­sented at Anti-​Aging Health Con­fer­ence

Chi­ro­prac­tic was rep­re­sented at the world’s largest “anti-​aging” con­fer­ence in Chicago July 1315, 2001. At this con­fer­ence four chi­ro­prac­tic pre­sen­ters pro­vided impor­tant data and insights on the role of chi­ro­prac­tic in the care of older patients. The Amer­i­can Acad­emy of Anti-​Aging Med­i­cine (A4M) who spon­sored the con­fer­ence, is rec­og­nized as the soci­ety which has changed the way the world thinks about human aging. Due to the ris­ing demand for new ideas in anti-​aging health, the pro­gram spanned three days and fea­tured three dis­tinct learn­ing tracks, includ­ing the chi­ro­prac­tic edu­ca­tional sessions.

Chi­ro­prac­tic offers two won­der­ful ben­e­fits for the elderly. First chi­ro­prac­tic aids in mobil­ity allow­ing the elderly to enjoy a more mobile life. Sec­ondly, chi­ro­prac­tic offers more vital­ity and over­all health. By remov­ing nerve inter­fer­ence from sub­lux­a­tions the entire body func­tions bet­ter and responds to the changes of aging in a more pos­i­tive manner.

Dr. D.D. Hum­ber, ICA Pres­i­dent said, “This inter-​disciplinary pro­fes­sional con­fer­ence rep­re­sents an impor­tant fron­tier for chi­ro­prac­tic because only chi­ro­prac­tic offers a truly drug-​free approach to health. In a seg­ment of the pop­u­la­tion awash with pre­scrip­tion drugs, and where one-​half of all emer­gency room pre­sen­ta­tions by Medicare ben­e­fi­cia­ries are related to those pre­scrip­tion drugs, chi­ro­prac­tic aware­ness becomes an urgent mat­ter of pub­lic health. This event pro­vided the Chi­ro­prac­tic Pro­fes­sion with an oppor­tu­nity to edu­cate con­sumers and other pro­fes­sion­als alike on the value of chi­ro­prac­tic as a health care dis­ci­pline that encour­ages well­ness prac­tices with their patients.”

The grow­ing num­bers of older peo­ple in the pop­u­la­tion present increas­ing chal­lenges as well as oppor­tu­ni­ties for health care approaches that com­bat aging and infir­mity by uti­liz­ing the nat­ural resources of the body itself,” said Dr. Coralee Van Egmond, Chi­ro­prac­tor and the coor­di­na­tor of the A4M pro­gram. “Chi­ro­prac­tic is the only health care dis­ci­pline that addresses the inher­ent recu­per­a­tive heal­ing power of the body, and is a nat­ural and inte­gral part­ner with other health care dis­ci­plines in society’s efforts to com­bat aging.”

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