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A Fam­ily Trip

crete-gorgeVaca­tion or travel time is time to recharge. It is a time for re-​energizing, by giv­ing us time to think up new ideas, or new per­spec­tives. It is a time for cre­at­ing a dif­fer­ent pat­tern or rou­tine, that gives us more energy when we get back to our rou­tine. It gives you time con­nect and cre­ate new expe­ri­ences with your family.

Some of our favourite time together as a fam­ily has been the time we’ve spent together trav­el­ling. This includes long road trips, short camp­ing stints, week long camp expe­ri­ences and over­seas travel, which we have been blessed to be able to do together.

Fam­ily time usu­ally runs the whole gamut of emo­tions for us: includ­ing excite­ment, joy, eager­ness and antic­i­pa­tion, to feel­ing chal­lenged get­ting along when we’re halted by hunger and lack of sleep.

We’ve found that sim­ple prepa­ra­tion for travel as a fam­ily has helped us in many ways, includ­ing get­ting every­one involved (for all the kids ages).

We’d like to share the fol­low­ing 5 tips on how we prep as a fam­ily for our travel time together.

1. Do it by the book.

Have fun with this one. Search your library, and the inter­net for things to do as a fam­ily together before trav­el­ling. Some of our favourite books are “Lonely Planet” guides.

2. Keep a journal.

We each pack jour­nal for our trav­els. I like one with a colour­ful cover, and no lines inside, so that our medium or form of expres­sion in not lim­ited. Our younger kids keep a pic­ture jour­nal, so they take full part as well. A friend and coach once shared with me, “a life not worth record­ing, is not worth living.”

3. Cre­ate a scav­enger hunt.

We do this for the kids, but you can also be cre­ative as travel part­ners, and cre­ate one for each other. We have the kids write the list in their jour­nals, and check off each one as they find them. It encour­ages them to look for things, that may be dif­fer­ent than their reg­u­lar inter­ests, such as art, his­tory, and local cul­ture. An exam­ple of one of our hunts, is our list for Wash­ing­ton, DC: pic­ture of cherry blos­soms, the White House, Abra­ham Lin­coln statue, Potomac River, a rocket ship, the Wash­ing­ton mon­u­ment, a red licence plate, the Hope dia­mond, the unknown sol­dier, and a giant panda

4. Give every­one a camera.

This is a new one for us. It seemed cum­ber­some in past, but now with small devices that almost all have cam­eras, it seems much eas­ier to do. We like that each of us will bring our own visual per­spec­tive to our trav­els. It also cre­ates a photo jour­nal, and another way to doc­u­ment our trip.

5. Travel light.

As a fam­ily of 6, we cre­ate sim­plic­ity by car­ry­ing only one small back­pack each. By not bring­ing suit­cases, we are able to travel as a group much more eas­ily and quickly, and of course not bur­dened down. For some this may be impos­si­ble, but try to lighten your load. Take only essen­tials in cloth­ing and travel sized toi­letries. I learned this while back­pack­ing with a friend through Europe. I learned from her light load, to reduce mine, and the ease car­ried on in all future travel.

We wish you happy trav­els and fam­ily time through the month of August! :)

Ran­dom Article

The above is the advice from the Col­orado Chi­ro­prac­tic Asso­ci­a­tion (CCA) and appeared as a PRNewswire release on May 27, 2004. The article

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