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Chal­lenges to Back­pack Safety

backpack poor postureWe hope you had a great tran­si­tion into the first few weeks back to school!

As you or your chil­dren may already have back­packs, we will focus on how to use them safely. We see more and more spinal chal­lenges every day, from long-​term pos­tural stress that can come from improp­erly used backpacks.

The fol­low­ing safety tips can help min­i­mize injury and pos­tural stress:

  • The top of the back­pack should be in line with the top of the shoul­ders when worn.
  • Carry only the items you need for the day ahead. Store extra items in a locker or desk.
  • Evenly dis­trib­ute weight through­out pock­ets and compartments.
  • Pack heavy items in the part of the back­pack that is clos­est to your body.
  • The total weight of the packed bag should not exceed 10 per­cent of your child’s body weight, or 15 per­cent of your body weight for an adult’s backpack.
  • Put your back­pack on one strap at a time from a chair or table.
  • Adjust both straps so that the back­pack fits snug­gly. Wear both straps to evenly dis­trib­ute weight on your spine.
  • Stand up straight and don’t slouch when wear­ing your back­pack. If your pack is too heavy, lighten your load.

Share with your chil­dren the proper use of back­packs and help them under­stand why this and other ergonomic pos­tural issues are impor­tant. A child who learns this early in life can apply this knowl­edge later in life, for longterm spinal wellness.

If you have any con­cerns about you or your children’s pos­ture, and spinal health, take a moment to sched­ule an appoint­ment in our centre.

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