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Are Statins a Waste of Time, Money?

statin drugsThe head­line above comes from a News­max Health arti­cle by Lynn Alli­son pub­lished on Jan­u­ary 11, 2017. The arti­cle offers infor­ma­tion show­ing that one of the most prof­itable drugs of all time is actu­ally based on a false the­ory. Statin drugs bring in over $34 bil­lion in sales each year.

Ms. Alli­son begins the arti­cle by say­ing, “Mil­lions are being mis­led about the pros and cons of statin drugs.” She goes on to explain that a recently con­vened panel of experts are sug­gest­ing that the the­ory of bad cho­les­terol may be faulty. If this rev­e­la­tion is true, it would mean that the mil­lions of statin drugs being given are unnec­es­sary and may even be harmful.

Addi­tion­ally, the side effects of tak­ing statins may be more seri­ous than treat­ing cho­les­terol, if that cho­les­terol is not as harm­ful as once thought. Some of the side effects of statin drugs include mus­cle pain, liver dam­age, increase in blood sugar, type 2 dia­betes, mem­ory issues, and neu­ro­log­i­cal effects.

Dr. John Abram­son of the Har­vard Med­ical School stated in the arti­cle that ear­lier research found no link between high LDL cho­les­terol lev­els and heart deaths in those over 60. In an arti­cle titled “The Great Cho­les­terol Con,” Dr. Abram­son stated, “A lack of asso­ci­a­tion between LDL cho­les­terol and car­dio­vas­cu­lar dis­ease in those over 60 from our recent sys­temic review sug­gests the con­ven­tional cho­les­terol hypoth­e­sis is flawed.”

Dr. Richard Thomp­son, for­mer physi­cian to the Queen of Eng­land, asks the ques­tions, “For hun­dreds of years physi­cians have clung to out­dated and inef­fec­tive treat­ments. Could statins be now the lat­est star to fall? Have patients been mis­led over them for many years?”

Dr. Jonny Bow­den, Ph.D., co-​author of “The Great Cho­les­terol Myth,” also added to this arti­cle by say­ing, “Our book, ‘The Great Cho­les­terol Myth,’ ref­er­ences dozens of stud­ies that not only cast doubt on the cho­les­terol the­ory but in some cases totally refutes the notion that cho­les­terol causes heart dis­ease. We list sev­eral peer-​reviewed stud­ies that show more than half the peo­ple admit­ted to hos­pi­tals for car­dio­vas­cu­lar dis­ease have nor­mal cho­les­terol. Not only doesn’t cho­les­terol cause heart dis­ease, it is a lousy pre­dic­tor of it!”

To drive home his point, Dr. Bow­den, while appear­ing on the Dr. Oz show, said, “Try­ing to lower the risk of heart dis­ease by low­er­ing cho­les­terol is like try­ing to lower the risk of obe­sity by tak­ing the let­tuce off your Big Mac.”

Dr. Bow­den fur­ther explained the prob­lem with doc­tors over-​prescribing these drugs by say­ing, “Doc­tors pre­scribe them ran­domly for any­one with a so-​called ele­vated cho­les­terol level. Inter­est­ingly, the Fram­ing­ham study revealed that peo­ple with the high­est cho­les­terol lev­els actu­ally lived the longest.” He con­tin­ued, “And the claim from drug com­pa­nies that statins save lives usu­ally does not hold up upon close exam­i­na­tion. You may see a slight reduc­tion in heart attacks but your will see a cor­re­spond­ing increase in can­cer and diabetes.”

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