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Chil­dren Addicted to TV Run Higher Risk of Spinal Prob­lems

An arti­cle in the Novem­ber 8, 2004 edi­tion of the “Daily Record” from Glas­gow in the United King­dom, reports on a study show­ing that chil­dren who watch TV for large amounts of time are more likely to suf­fer spinal prob­lems and pain.

The study con­ducted by the British Chi­ro­prac­tic Asso­ci­a­tion, looked at 200 sec­ondary school aged chil­dren. They found that boys spent an aver­age of 41 hours in front of the TV (or video game) per week while girls spent only 21 hours. The arti­cle notes that one quar­ter of them are lying down with their heads up plac­ing extra ten­sion on the neck and upper back areas. The arti­cle also notes that heavy back­packs seem to addi­tion­ally con­tribute to the problem.

The arti­cle explains that the addi­tional time in a non-​active pos­ture does not per­mit the spine to strengthen dur­ing the years of devel­op­ment, which last up till around age 18. Dr. Chris Turner, a chi­ro­prac­tor in West Lon­don, said: “The major fac­tors in children’s back prob­lems are a more seden­tary way of life and lack of exer­cise.” He con­tin­ued, “This means their mus­cles do not work very well and leads to strains when they are used, espe­cially for car­ry­ing rel­a­tively heavy weights, includ­ing school bags.”

The research also noted that 44% of chil­dren with school bags do not use both straps and instead carry the bags unevenly with only one strap. Dr. Scott Miller, the chi­ro­prac­tor who led the research, explained by say­ing: “Children’s bones are soft up to the age of 18. Discs in the spine are stronger than the bones and so deform if you keep car­ry­ing weight on one side.” He added, “Because many chil­dren lead seden­tary lives, the bones aren’t get­ting the exer­cise they need to get strong. Then they are sub­jected to the hor­ren­dous weight of school bags, so the spine distorts.”

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