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Aspirin to be Banned in United King­dom for Chil­dren Under 16

In the United King­dom the use of aspirin in chil­dren under 12 has been banned since 1986. This past April the UK Com­mit­tee on Safety of Med­i­cines addi­tion­ally warned that it should also be avoided in chil­dren up to 15 if they were fever­ish. The pri­mary rea­son given is because of its links with Reye’s syn­drome, the rare but poten­tially fatal dis­or­der found almost exclu­sively in chil­dren and adolescents.

The news arti­cle, printed in the Novem­ber 2, 2002 issue of the British Med­ical Jour­nal reported that the com­mit­tee rec­om­mended that the warn­ing on aspirin prod­ucts should read “Do not give to chil­dren aged under 16 years, unless on the advice of a doc­tor.” Chair­man of the com­mit­tee, Pro­fes­sor Alas­dair Breck­en­ridge, said, “There is sim­ply no need to expose those under 16 to the risk, how­ever small.”

Reye’s syn­drome can affect all organs of the body, BMJbut it is most harm­ful to the brain and liver, where it may cause raised intracra­nial pres­sure or liver fail­ure. Since 1986 when the use of aspirin in chil­dren under 12 was banned the con­di­tion has vir­tu­ally dis­ap­peared in chil­dren in that age group. Prior to the ban, between the years 1981 and 1986 there was an aver­age of nine cases in the United King­dom a year asso­ci­ated with aspirin use in this age group. Since mid-​1986 only seven cases have occurred in total.

Pro­fes­sor Breck­en­ridge added, “I want to be very clear that there is no cause for panic or con­cern, but I also want to ensure that par­ents and chil­dren alike are kept well informed and are aware of the impor­tance of this warning.”

It is lit­tle known, but in the United States the US Food and Drug Admin­is­tra­tion rec­om­mends that aspirin should not be given to chil­dren under 19 years of age dur­ing episodes of fever.

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From an August 1, 2001 MSNBC arti­cle come news that scrub­bing your hands too often with antibac­te­r­ial soap may actu­ally have the oppo­site effect and

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