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Alter­na­tive Med­i­cine Gain­ing Accep­tance, Says Study

A story by John Dorschner of Knight Rid­der News Ser­vice and pub­lished in the Jan­u­ary 30, 2005 issue of the Miami Her­ald reported on the huge increase of insur­ance com­pa­nies cov­er­ing, what they termed, “Alter­na­tive Med­i­cine”. The story reports that this activ­ity is now a $30 bil­lion industry.

Some insur­ance pro­grams, such as Vista Health­plan, based in Hol­ly­wood, Fla., has even announced a dis­count pro­gram for its mem­bers of up to 30 per­cent to encour­age usage of some 30 alter­na­tive pro­grams. Steve Rus­sell, a Vista vice pres­i­dent com­mented on a new pro­gram where seniors enrolled in Vista can get a $25 voucher to try alter­na­tive care. He noted, “Most of them don’t know about these things. Basi­cally, we’re encour­ag­ing them to step over the line.” He con­tin­ued, “To increase their mobil­ity, their flex­i­bil­ity, to get out and try new things.”

San­ti­ago Leon, a Miami health insur­ance bro­ker who has stud­ied the field exten­sively stated, “Com­ple­men­tary med­i­cine is going main­stream quickly. Part of the impulse is ther­a­peu­tic. Part of it is economic.”

John Dorschner, author of the arti­cle noted that chi­ro­prac­tic care may not even be con­sid­ered alter­na­tive any­more. He stated “Chi­ro­prac­tic, once con­sid­ered alter­na­tive, is now con­sid­ered main­stream, or nearly so. A chiropractor’s adjust­ment of a back, or a few min­utes of mas­sage ther­apy, when effec­tive, costs a frac­tion of what back surgery does. Eighty-​seven per­cent of firms offer­ing health insur­ance now have ben­e­fits for chi­ro­prac­tic, accord­ing to the Kaiser Fam­ily Foundation.”

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Oppo­si­tion to the mass flu­o­ri­da­tion of drink­ing water con­tin­ues to grow. A March 16, 2003 arti­cle in the Envi­ron­men­tal News Net­work reports on

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