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Depend­ing on who you choose to believe, and depend­ing on if you really enjoy that cup of cof­fee, you get your choice of reports con­cern­ing cof­fee and caf­feine. In a recent French study at the French National Health Med­ical Insti­tute a researcher found that “mod­er­ate amounts” of cof­fee con­sumed increased energy while hav­ing lit­tle chance of addic­tion. These researchers state that caf­feine has no effect on the brain cen­tres that could cause addic­tion. The only flaw with this study is that it was done with rats! Which leads us to the ques­tion of just what is a mod­er­ate amount of cof­fee for a rat?

In a seper­ate study at Duke Uni­ver­sity Med­ical cen­tre, researchers found that peo­ple (not rats in this one) who drink four to five cups of cof­fee in the morn­ing forced their blood pres­sure higher as well as increas­ing their stress lev­els all day into the evening. Accord­ing to this study, even a mod­er­ate amount of cof­fee makes a per­son react as if they are hav­ing a very stress­ful day. So the ques­tion is, “to drink, or not to drink”. Your answer prob­a­bly depends on whose study you believe and how much you really like coffee.

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A feel-​good story appeared in the March 8, 2006 issue of the Gwin­nett Daily Post of Geor­gia that reported on a mis­sion to Shivpuri,

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