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In the Sci­ence Times sec­tion of the Octo­ber of 1998 New York Times come an arti­cle that also dis­cusses the effect place­bos have on heal­ing. The arti­cle dis­cusses the abil­ity of someone’s belief in heal­ing to cause heal­ing. Accord­ing to the arti­cle sci­en­tists are now start­ing to under­stand some of the brain func­tions that may explain some of the results got­ten from placebo treat­ments. Many drugs that are even­tu­ally shown to be inef­fec­tive can attribute their orig­i­nal suc­cess to the placebo effect.

The Times arti­cle goes on to talk about a study in Texas where a group of patients with sim­i­lar knee prob­lems under­went three types of sur­gi­cal care. One group had their knee joints scraped, one group had the knee joint washed, and one group had inci­sions made to look like the other pro­ce­dures but noth­ing else was done. Amaz­ingly two years later, the group that got noth­ing (but believed they had surgery) had the same pain relief as did those who actu­ally had surgery.

From a chi­ro­prac­tic stand­point, the placebo effect can be sim­ply explained. Place­bos only work because peo­ple believe they are get­ting some form of real care, so they heal them­selves. Fun­da­men­tal to chi­ro­prac­tic is the premise that the body heals itself. Chi­ro­prac­tors depend on this self-​healing abil­ity for the results we see. For over 100 years chi­ro­prac­tors have under­stood that the body heals itself. We believe that what a doc­tor should do is remove any inter­fer­ence to that heal­ing abil­ity. In chi­ro­prac­tic, we rec­og­nize that the most com­mon form of inter­fer­ence to the body’s abil­ity to heal itself is a spinal subluxation.

A sub­lux­a­tion is when one or more of the bones of your spine (ver­te­brae) move out of posi­tion and put pres­sure on or irri­tate spinal nerves. Spinal nerves are the nerves that come out from between each of the bones in your spine. This pres­sure or irri­ta­tion on the nerves then causes those nerves to mal­func­tion and inter­fere with the sig­nals trav­el­ing over those nerves. The result of sub­lux­a­tion is a decrease in the body’s abil­ity to func­tion prop­erly and heal itself. By cor­rect­ing sub­lux­a­tions, chi­ro­prac­tors allow the body’s heal­ing abil­ity to func­tion at a higher level and heal­ing is the nat­ural result.

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For the past sev­eral years Medicare admin­is­tra­tors have made doc­tors of chi­ro­prac­tic and their patients a tar­get for selec­tive enforce­ment and reg­u­la­tory restriction

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