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Bed Rest May Not be Help­ful

In an Asso­ci­ated Press story of Octo­ber 8, 1999, comes a report of research con­ducted at the Uni­ver­sity of Queens­land Med­ical School in Aus­tralia, that shows that the time hon­ored prac­tice of bed rest for ill­ness may not be helpful.

The researchers exam­ined all pre­vi­ous stud­ies on the effec­tive­ness of bed rest com­pared to patients who were up and mov­ing around more quickly. The stud­ies involved a total of 5,777 patients with a vari­ety of 15 dif­fer­ent health prob­lems. The results showed that with many health con­di­tions, as well as after sev­eral med­ical pro­ce­dures such as heart catheter­i­za­tion, get­ting up quicker was more ben­e­fi­cial than bed rest.

Some of the health prob­lems that ben­e­fited from mov­ing around over bed rest included acute lower back pain, and increased blood pres­sure in preg­nant women. Bed Rest May Not Be Answer to Many Ailments

In the first week of Octo­ber 1999 issue of the Lancet a British med­ical jour­nal comes a story that may change what most peo­ple have believed is good home care for many ail­ments. The arti­cle sug­gests that pro­longed bed rest may not help and may even be harm­ful for may ail­ments. The arti­cle was based on researched done in the Uni­ver­sity of Queens­land Med­ical School, Aus­tralia. In this research 5,777 patients with 15 dif­fer­ent ail­ments were stud­ied. Their com­ments were, “Over­all, there was no evi­dence that bed rest has any sig­nif­i­cant effect ben­e­fi­cial effect when used as a treat­ment or when used after surgery. It may actu­ally delay recov­ery and even harm the patient.” The study con­cluded that bed rest should no longer be used for ail­ments such as acute low back pain, hepati­tis, or for recov­ery after a heart attack. The study also sug­gested that women are bet­ter off walk­ing around dur­ing the early stages of labor as com­pared to hours of lying on their back.

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At a recent meet­ing of the Amer­i­can Col­lege for Advance­ment in Med­i­cine, Dr. Bart Classen, an immu­nol­o­gist at Classen Immunother­a­pies, pre­sented data providing

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