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Bad Eat­ing Habits Start Near Age 2

In the Octo­ber 27, 2003 online issue of the InteliHealth Health News comes the report on a study that shows that children’s eat­ing habits can start as early as age 2. The “Feed­ing Infants & Tod­dlers Study”, com­mis­sioned by baby-​food maker Ger­ber Prod­ucts Com­pany showed that, “By 24 months, pat­terns look star­tlingly sim­i­lar to some of the prob­lem­atic Amer­i­can dietary pat­terns.” The arti­cle noted that recent research has found that roughly one in every five Amer­i­cans is now con­sid­ered obese, dou­ble the rate in the mid-​1980s.

The study was con­ducted by ran­dom tele­phone inter­views in 2002 that asked par­ents or pri­mary care­givers what their young­sters ages 4 months to 2 years ate on that par­tic­u­lar day. Up to a third of the chil­dren under 2 con­sumed no fruits or veg­eta­bles, accord­ing to the sur­vey. And for those who did have a veg­etable, French fries were the most com­mon selec­tion for chil­dren 15 months and older. Addi­tion­ally, Thirty to 40 per­cent of the chil­dren 15 months and up had a sug­ary fruit drink each day, and about 10 per­cent had soda.

A Chicago-​area dietit­ian, Jodie Shield, who has writ­ten two books on child nutri­tion, noted “If kids are hav­ing soda and soft drinks at such an early age, it’s going to be very, very chal­leng­ing to intro­duce other types of foods for them later”.

The arti­cle stated that chil­dren aged 1 to 2 years require about 950 calo­ries per day, but the study found that the median intake for that age group is 1,220 calo­ries, — an excess of nearly 30 per­cent. For those 7 months to 11 months old, the daily caloric sur­plus was about 20 percent.

Ran­dom Article

Med­scape reported on July 2, 2000 that errors in med­ica­tion for chil­dren are cre­at­ing a grow­ing prob­lem. The arti­cle states that the

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