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Bac­te­ria That Are Good for You

On March 26, 2001 MSNBC ran a story called “Friendly Infec­tions”. The basis of the story is that when we kill bac­te­ria involved with a cold, we are not only cre­at­ing stronger harm­ful bac­te­ria, but we are also caus­ing prob­lems with the nor­mal bac­te­ria that are sup­posed to be in our bodies.

The story men­tions that our bod­ies con­tain approx­i­mately 400 species of help­ful or “friendly” bac­te­ria, known as “pro­bi­otics.” Most of these can be found cling­ing to the walls of our stom­achs and intestines.

It has been known for some time that these friendly bac­te­ria aid in our diges­tion, ward off other harm­ful microbes and help us process folic acid and other crit­i­cal nutri­ents. These friendly bac­te­ria come from many sources includ­ing, breast milk, yogurt, but­ter­milk, fer­mented cheese, cul­tured milk and fer­mented soy­beans. Sci­en­tists have long sus­pected a link between these microbes and good health. A Russ­ian bac­te­ri­ol­o­gist Elie Metch­nikoff won a Nobel Prize in the early 1900s for link­ing yogurt con­sump­tion to longevity.

Stud­ies sug­gest that hav­ing a good sup­ply of these friendly bac­te­ria can help ward off blad­der infec­tions, vagi­nal infec­tions, even sex­u­ally trans­mit­ted dis­eases. Euro­peans reg­u­larly include things such as yogurt and fer­mented milk into their diet and con­sider these to be assist­ing in good health. Unfor­tu­nately, Amer­i­cans con­sume fewer fer­mented dairy prod­ucts than any other devel­oped coun­try. Not so coin­ci­den­tally, Amer­i­cans have a very high rate of diges­tive problems.

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