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Antibi­otics May Be Scrapped for Most Ear Infec­tions

CNN​.com released a story on March 3, 2004 report­ing that antibi­otics may no longer be what the doc­tor orders. Accord­ing to fed­eral health offi­cials, two lead­ing med­ical groups are expected to rec­om­mend this spring that doc­tors stop treat­ing most ear infec­tions in chil­dren with antibiotics.

About half of all antibi­otics pre­scribed to preschool chil­dren are for treat­ing ear infec­tions. The prob­lem that is aris­ing is that because of the high usage, more bac­te­r­ial infec­tions are becom­ing resis­tant to antibi­otics. Health offi­cials believe if they can reduce child antibi­otic use for such infec­tions, they can stop the rise of antibiotic-​resistant germs cre­ated by overuse of the drugs.

Dr. Richard Besser, act­ing chief of the menin­gi­tis and spe­cial pathogens branch of the cen­tres for Dis­ease Con­trol and Pre­ven­tion admit­ted that this new rec­om­men­da­tion will rep­re­sent a marked depar­ture from years of com­mon prac­tice. He states, “It will mark a dra­matic change in appro­pri­ate antibi­otic use.”

Dr. Allan Lieberthal, co-​chairman of the med­ical com­mit­tee review­ing the pro­posed new guide­lines stated, “Since the dis­cov­ery of peni­cillin, when there is a bac­te­r­ial infec­tion, antibi­otics are given.” He con­tin­ued, “Because of the increas­ing resis­tance of com­mon bac­te­ria to antibi­otics, the impor­tance of lim­it­ing their use is essential.”

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