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Antibi­otics Linked to Seri­ous Com­pli­ca­tions in Infants

In a report from the cen­tres for Dis­ease Con­trol (CDC) pub­li­cized by the Asso­ci­ated Press, it was reported that “Ery­thromycin has been strongly linked to pyloric steno­sis”, an ill­ness among new­borns that blocks diges­tion and causes pro­jec­tile vom­it­ing.” This seri­ous con­di­tion requires surgery to correct.

The reports ini­ti­ated at a Knoxville Ten­nessee hos­pi­tal where 200 babies born in Feb­ru­ary 1999 were pre­scribed ery­thromycin after being exposed to whoop­ing cough by a hos­pi­tal worker. Seven of the chil­dren, all under three weeks old, became ill with pyloric steno­sis. As a result the CDC is warn­ing both doc­tors and patients to be aware of the poten­tially seri­ous side effects of the antibi­otic. It should be noted that new­borns are also some­times given ery­thromycin to treat chlamy­dia infec­tions trans­mit­ted from their mother dur­ing childbirth.

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A study pub­lished in the Sep­tem­ber 2006 issue of the sci­en­tific jour­nal, The Jour­nal of Manip­u­la­tive and Phys­i­o­log­i­cal Ther­a­peu­tics, (JMPT), showed that a

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