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Aller­gies Often Mis­di­ag­nosed

A new study finds that almost two-​thirds of those who take allergy drugs don’t need them. Dr. Sheryl Szein­bach of Ohio State Uni­ver­sity stud­ied 265 patients tak­ing allergy med­ica­tions. The study found that 65 per­cent did not actu­ally suf­fer from aller­gies. The con­se­quences are that peo­ple who are mis­di­ag­nosed can waste as much as $80 a month for the pre­scrip­tion drugs, tak­ing med­i­cines they don’t need. Addi­tion­ally, side effects from these med­ica­tions can also be a fac­tor while the med­ica­tions these peo­ple are tak­ing fail to relieve the real symptoms.

Dr. Beth Corn, an aller­gist at Mount Sinai Med­ical cen­tre in New York says, “It’s very obvi­ous to any­one who prac­tices in the field of allergy that there are many patients who walk around who are mis­di­ag­nosed.” Dr. Corn tries to explain, “There’s also an incred­i­ble influ­ence for mar­ket­ing where patients will watch tele­vi­sion and they’ll see com­mer­cials or they’ll be on a bus and they’ll see ads for med­ica­tions and they want these medications.”

Ran­dom Article

In a July 11, 2000 Asso­ci­ated Press arti­cle printed on Intelihealth​.com, comes a chill­ing arti­cle about new drug stud­ies being started on children.

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