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Base­ball Pitcher Cole Hamels Gets His Team to Pro­vide a Chi­ro­prac­tor

An inter­est­ing story appeared in the sports sec­tion of the Feb­ru­ary 15, 2008 issue of the Philadel­phia Enquirer. The story titled, “Phillies get­ting Hamels his chi­ro­prac­tor,” is about the Philadel­phia Philly pitcher who requested his team get a team chi­ro­prac­tor. The team has agreed to add one to their staff.

When informed that his team will be get­ting a chi­ro­prac­tor Hamels responded in the arti­cle, “Really? I’ve always thought it was ben­e­fi­cial. Ever since I’ve used one, it’s done won­ders for me. This is nice. It’s great that they’re going out of their way to get a net­work going. I know I do have a bunch of guys in a vast major­ity of the cities that I’ve been able to go to. If they’re able to get those guys, that’s great. But it doesn’t mat­ter. They’re putting in the effort, which is good. I def­i­nitely can’t complain.”

In response to Hamels’ request, Phillies ath­letic trainer Scott Sheri­dan said, “That’s the type of stuff you do every year. I cer­tainly think that the play­ers’ needs change as the game goes on. We’re going to go through times when you find a group of play­ers that need one thing, and we have to pro­vide it. Cer­tainly, it’s our job as the med­ical team and admin­is­tra­tion to adapt to our needs. I don’t have any prob­lems with chi­ro­prac­tic care. Cole and I have had open dis­cus­sions about it. I’m try­ing to pro­vide him some­thing that can help him.”

The arti­cle notes that the Phillies hope to have a net­work of chi­ro­prac­tors in place when they are on the road. To accom­plish this the Phillies have received help from the Philadel­phia NFL foot­ball team, the Eagles, as the NFL already has a net­work of chi­ro­prac­tors in place for their players.

The arti­cle notes that Hamels believes that not hav­ing chi­ro­prac­tic care played a role in his being on the DL (dis­abled list) last year. “It’s a vast major­ity of things that I could have done to pre­vent it, but I know it (chi­ro­prac­tic) would have helped,” he said. The arti­cle notes that Hamels thinks this year with chi­ro­prac­tic 20 wins is a very attain­able goal.

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