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Andrew Goes to the Chi­ro­prac­tor — Child’s Book Intro­duced

A new child’s edu­ca­tional book has just been released this Novem­ber 2007 by author Geri Carl­son. The book enti­tled, “Andrew Goes to the Chi­ro­prac­tor” is designed as a children’s story to help edu­cate chil­dren about the ben­e­fits and pro­ce­dures of going to a chiropractor.

Ms. Carl­son is a chi­ro­prac­tic patient and advo­cate who had her life changed by chi­ro­prac­tic. She chron­i­cled her story in her first book, “I Stand Amazed”. In this new book she explains to chil­dren what to expect from their first visit to the chiropractor.

Geri noted her rea­sons for writ­ing this children’s edu­ca­tional book. “I love chil­dren and have spent most of my adult life serv­ing them. I can’t imag­ine con­tin­u­ing to work to pro­mote chi­ro­prac­tic and not include the most pre­cious peo­ple of all. I want chil­dren every­where to have opti­mal health, and a chance at the best they can be.”

Geri also related a story men­tioned in her first book that inspired the writ­ing of this sec­ond book geared toward chil­dren. She recalled, “In I Stand Amazed, I wrote about a young boy (around the age of 10) who went with his par­ents for his first adjust­ment. When they returned a few days later for the sec­ond adjust­ment, the boy refused to let the chi­ro­prac­tor touch him, despite the efforts from his par­ents to have him see the impor­tance of it. I had a hunch I knew the rea­son for the boy’s appre­hen­sion. I looked at him and asked, “Does the doc­tor adjust your neck?” He said he did. I con­tin­ued, “Did you hear a sound when you received your adjust­ment?” The boy’s eyes grew big as quar­ters. I knew the answer. I told him I remem­bered the first time I heard that sound, it really caught me off-​guard. “It was weird, wasn’t it?” I asked. He nod­ded. Then I explained how I learned to love that sound because it was the sound of God heal­ing me. That was 3 12 years ago and that lovely fam­ily is still com­mit­ted to their adjust­ments today.”

Infor­ma­tion on both of Geri Carlson’s pub­li­ca­tions can be found on the web­site, www​.istan​damazed​.com.

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