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Chi­ro­prac­tors Help Preg­nant Women With Pain

The above head­line comes from the August 14, 2007 issue of the Dal­las Morn­ing Star. In this arti­cle, Spe­cial Con­trib­u­tor Kath­leen Green, starts off by stat­ing, ” Moms-​to-​be once resigned them­selves to nine months of mis­ery. But, frankly, they’ve had enough.” She con­tin­ues, ” More women are explor­ing options and seek­ing alter­na­tives to ease back pain, headaches, exhaus­tion and much more. One place many are find­ing relief is at a chiropractor’s office.”

The arti­cle fol­lows sev­eral chi­ro­prac­tors and their preg­nant patients and views their rea­sons for choos­ing chi­ro­prac­tic and their results. One such patient was Teresa Sey­mour, who started chi­ro­prac­tic treat­ment dur­ing her first preg­nancy with her daugh­ter who is now 2 years old. Teresa said, “If there were times when I could feel that I was start­ing to get sore in the back, I would go to the chi­ro­prac­tor.” Dur­ing her sec­ond preg­nancy, she reported, “Just pick­ing up my daugh­ter could knock a hip a lit­tle bit the wrong way and kind of pinch a nerve,” she says. “I went to [my chi­ro­prac­tor], and he’d adjust my back and my hips.”

The arti­cle inter­views Dr. Ken Wil­son, a chi­ro­prac­tor who sees a lot of preg­nant women in his prac­tice and esti­mates that about 20 per­cent of his patients are preg­nant. He stated, “My focus has changed more to preg­nant moms and kids nowa­days. My wife had to go through the con­stant low back [pain] and headaches and really being uncom­fort­able all of the time. I wanted to help her personally.”

Chris Bur­field, an edu­ca­tional direc­tor with Dr. Wil­son added, “When spinal bones get pulled out of place, those bones push up against or irri­tate the nerves. Those nerves will start to send pain sig­nals off to the brain to let the brain know there’s a problem.”

Sara Towns­ley, a for­mer high school sci­ence teacher received chi­ro­prac­tic care two years ago dur­ing her first preg­nancy. She recalled, “If I do a lot of clean­ing, like bath­room clean­ing where I’m bend­ing over, when I’m preg­nant, that’s usu­ally when I have my sci­at­ica.” She con­tin­ued, “Ella [her daugh­ter] really sat on my hips, and it helped to have them aligned reg­u­larly to relieve some pres­sure and nerve pinching.”

The arti­cle also inter­views a med­ical physi­cian, Dr. Wal­ter Evans, an obstetrician-​gynecologist in pri­vate prac­tice at Pres­by­ter­ian Hos­pi­tal of Dal­las. Accord­ing to the arti­cle, Dr. Evans acknowl­edges a chiropractor’s poten­tial in pre­na­tal care, some­times refer­ring patients with lower back pain to chi­ro­prac­tors. He states, “I’ve had good luck work­ing with some chi­ro­prac­tors with patients who have low back pain dur­ing pregnancy.

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