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Chronic Child­hood Con­sti­pa­tion Helped With Chi­ro­prac­tic — A Case Study

The Jan­u­ary, 2007 issue of the sci­en­tific peri­od­i­cal, the Jour­nal of Manip­u­la­tive and Phys­i­o­log­i­cal Ther­a­peu­tics (JMPT) pub­lished a case study show­ing the ben­e­fi­cial effects of chi­ro­prac­tic care on an 8 year old boy suf­fer­ing from chronic con­sti­pa­tion. In this case the boy had been suf­fer­ing with the con­di­tion since birth and was treated med­ically with lax­a­tives, high fluid intake, and high fiber intake, all of which had no effect on his condition.

In this case the young boy’s con­di­tion was such that he only had a bowel move­ment at 7 to 10 day inter­vals and at times approach­ing every 2 weeks and were quite painful. He was appar­ently born healthy and was breast fed until 6 months of age. No other under­ly­ing dis­eases were iden­ti­fied by his med­ical physicians.

The child’s mother brought him to a chi­ro­prac­tor who exam­ined him and deter­mined the pres­ence of a sacral sub­lux­a­tion. Care was ini­ti­ated and adjust­ments were given to cor­rect the sub­lux­a­tion. In this case the patient reported an imme­di­ate dra­matic improve­ment in bowel func­tion after just the first visit. His mother was very excited and reported that he had a bowel move­ment on the day of his first visit and 2 days later. She reported that this was extra­or­di­nary because her son had never in his life had 3 bowel move­ments in 4 days.

Care was con­tin­ued for four weeks and he con­tin­ued to report improv­ing bowel func­tion. After one month it was reported by both the patient and his mother that he was expe­ri­enc­ing con­sis­tent nor­mal bowel func­tion. Months later fol­low up reports con­tin­ued to show that the boy was expe­ri­enc­ing nor­mal bowel func­tion. In this case there was also a fol­low up phone call con­ducted 13 years later, and the patient still reported nor­mal bowel func­tion and stated that his bowel func­tion was nearly “clock-​like” with daily bowel movements.

The study points out that chronic child­hood con­sti­pa­tion accounts for 3% of vis­its to gen­eral pedi­a­tri­cians and nearly 30% of vis­its to pedi­atric gas­troen­terol­o­gists. They note that med­ical treat­ment usu­ally includes dietary man­age­ment, biofeed­back, and lax­a­tives. How­ever, sta­tis­ti­cally 30% to 50% of chil­dren do not respond to these treat­ments and con­tinue to have long-​term problems.

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