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Chi­ro­prac­tors Help in Time of Tragedy

The events of Sep­tem­ber 11th 2001 have affected and changed us all in some way for­ever. Most of us were shocked and hor­ri­fied at how such a thing could occur. For many our next feel­ing was prob­a­bly anger and a desire to strike back. Then came an over­whelm­ing desire to help in some way.

In watch­ing the news we noticed that peo­ple from all over the world showed sup­port and reached out for those most affected. As chi­ro­prac­tors many in our pro­fes­sion wanted to help in the best way we knew how. It was this desire to do some­thing and help that lead to an amaz­ing out­reach by chi­ro­prac­tors in both New York and in Washington.

At both the site of the World Trade cen­tre and at the Pen­ta­gon in Wash­ing­ton DC chi­ro­prac­tors set up help sta­tions to adjust the fire­fight­ers, police and res­cue work­ers who were on site at ground zero. At these loca­tions chi­ro­prac­tors pro­vided round the clock chi­ro­prac­tic care free of charge to all who requested it. Thou­sands of relief work­ers responded as each sta­tion was con­tin­u­ally busy with help being pro­vided to those who were them­selves helping.

In Wash­ing­ton at the US Pen­ta­gon, the Inter­na­tional Chi­ro­prac­tors Asso­ci­a­tion was asked to pro­vide chi­ro­prac­tic ser­vices to Pen­ta­gon res­cue and secu­rity per­son­nel. Imme­di­ately chi­ro­prac­tors started work­ing in three shifts to pro­vide assistance.

To assist the res­cue work­ers at the Pen­ta­gon, “Camp Unity” was set up using an exten­sive tent space pro­vided by the Pub­lic Safety (police, fire and res­cue) chap­lains of greater Wash­ing­ton. In Camp Unity more than two dozen chi­ro­prac­tors were work­ing in long shifts to adjust all who need chi­ro­prac­tic care at the site. “Our patients include mil­i­tary per­son­nel of all ranks and from all ser­vices, law enforce­ment, fire and res­cue units on duty and other vol­un­teers work­ing with the Red Cross and Sal­va­tion Army,” said Dr. Coralee Van Egmond a local chi­ro­prac­tor. “The response has been tremen­dous and reflects the vital need for the unique ser­vices doc­tors of chi­ro­prac­tic pro­vide. In some­times harsh con­di­tions, our chi­ro­prac­tors have given care to as many as 300 peo­ple a day, and have worked ten and twelve hour shifts that last long into the night and early morn­ing hours.”

One of the chi­ro­prac­tors giv­ing his time at the New York site, Dr. Robert Davis, summed up his expe­ri­ence by say­ing. “One of the fire­men I adjusted told me the best thing any­one can do to help all the res­cue work­ers is to just sup­port them and…Pray for them.”

To read more sto­ries of chi­ro­prac­tors involved in help­ing the res­cue work­ers please visit, http://​www​.wcanews​.com/​a​r​c​h​i​v​e​s​/​2001​/​o​c​t​/​o​c​t​0101​a​.​h​t​m and http://​www​.chi​ro​prac​tic​.org/​n​e​w​s​/​d​i​s​a​s​t​e​r​_​r​e​l​i​e​f​.​h​t​m.

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