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A pair of media sto­ries recently have shown chi­ro­prac­tic in a favor­able light. The first story appeared on Octo­ber 28, 2002 on a Cal­i­for­nia tele­vi­sion news show. The sta­tion, “Action News 8″ is out of Sali­nas, Mon­terey and Santa Cruz. The story’s title is “Chi­ro­prac­tors Offer Relief For Moms-​To-​Be”. This news fea­ture tells the story of a preg­nant woman who was expe­ri­enc­ing lower back pain. The woman told her story by say­ing, “Lay­ing down was very dif­fi­cult, chang­ing posi­tions was extremely, extremely painful. I was at the point where I really wasn’t func­tion­ing very well.” Accord­ing to the news story a chi­ro­prac­tor found that the woman’s pelvis was out of bal­ance. She explains her story by say­ing, “I was here three days in a row (with) a week­end off and (there was a) dras­tic dif­fer­ence.” The story goes on to explain that there are addi­tional ben­e­fits to chi­ro­prac­tic care for preg­nant women. The chi­ro­prac­tor of the woman fea­tured in this news story ended by say­ing, “The actual time of labor, the length of it, is short­ened. The deliv­ery was very easy. The baby just lit­er­ally, kind of, came out slowly and smoothly. Com­pli­ca­tions are very rare.”

The sec­ond news story appeared in the Octo­ber 28, 2002 issue of the Buf­falo Busi­ness First News­pa­per. In this story, the Erie County Med­ical cen­tre (ECMC) has estab­lished a Depart­ment of Chi­ro­prac­tic, a level of ser­vice unique to hos­pi­tals across the state of New York. ECMC med­ical direc­tor Dr. Roger Kaiser gives the rea­son for this by explain­ing, “We rec­og­nized some­time ago the impor­tance of offer­ing a broad spec­trum of ser­vice to our patients,” said Kaiser. “Patients will fre­quently access chi­ro­prac­tors and we couldn’t ignore that mar­ket force. If that’s what the patients want, that’s what we’ll give them. To deny them that access just because of a turf bat­tle didn’t make sense.” Dr. Stephen Zajac newly named head of the ECMC’s Depart­ment of Chi­ro­prac­tic, explains the shift in think­ing by removal of a pro­fes­sional wall that has existed between Chi­ro­prac­tic and Med­i­cine. “Chi­ro­prac­tic is not included as an alter­na­tive (treat­ment) any more. We can’t deny that the wall existed for a very long time. That wall isn’t that solid here as it is else­where in the state and coun­try,” Zajac said.

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An arti­cle by Gar­diner Har­ris in the August 7, 2003 New York Times high­lights the issue of the dan­gers of Paxil, one

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