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Chi­ro­prac­tic Helps Show Horses

An increas­ing num­ber of sto­ries are appear­ing in the news about how chi­ro­prac­tic helps high-​end horses. The lat­est is an Asso­ci­ated Press release on June 11, 2004 that fol­lows a horse named “O.V. Rowdy”. The story starts with Rowdy and another horse “Ozzie” wait­ing to see the chi­ro­prac­tor to help with sore­ness. Rowdy’s owner, Vicki Crotts, described her horse as, “sore from the tip of his ears to the tip of his tail.” She sug­gested that this sit­u­a­tion was brought on when he banged a hip on the door of his stall.

Rowdy is a show horse and hav­ing prob­lems cre­ates prob­lems for him and his owner. His cur­rent injuries kept him out of the Pinto World Show in Tulsa, Okala­homa the pre­vi­ous week­end. Rowdy was not the only horse wait­ing to see the trav­el­ing chi­ro­prac­tor, the story notes that three other show horses were also wait­ing to be adjusted.

The Hutchinson’s Iron­horse Eques­trian cen­tre co-​owner Lilli Weaver, notes that many peo­ple do not under­stand, “While some peo­ple dis­count the idea of equine chi­ro­prac­tic, it works.” She described what she felt the horses might be think­ing by say­ing, “They squeal, buck and bite, but when he’s done they lick their lips. Their eyes turn big and soft, and they whis­per ‘Oh, thanks.’ ”

Rowdy’s owner Vicki Crotts reports. “They recover and feel so much bet­ter, they think “Oh, I can do this now. But I’m keep­ing him penned so he won’t go out and hurt him­self.” Crotts con­cludes, “Show-​horse ath­letes, like humans, per­form under high stress and demand top range of motion from their bod­ies. They have to have coaches — and chiropractors.”

Ran­dom Article

The above title comes from a May 6, 2002 Reuter’s Health arti­cle report­ing on a study pub­lished in the May issue of the Annals

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