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Chi­ro­prac­tic Changes Life of Autis­tic Boy

In a May 26, 2005 fea­ture arti­cle from the “Health.telegraph” news ser­vice in Great Britain, comes a feel-​good story of Max Will­son, a young boy who had been labeled autis­tic. The story of Max’s prob­lems started at birth. Max was born in April, 1998 after a very dif­fi­cult labor. The umbil­i­cal cord was wrapped twice around his neck. As he grew, Max’s mother, Michaela soon noticed that Max was not devel­op­ing in the same way that his elder sis­ter had. His par­ents noticed that Max’s eyes didn’t focus, and his hand move­ments were more unco­or­di­nated than those of other chil­dren his age.

Quentin, Max’s father com­mented, “You never want to admit to your­self that you’ve got a back­ward child,” he says, “but it was clear that he was very, very behind. He couldn’t con­cen­trate, was hyper­ac­tive and demand­ing.” The Wilson’s took their son to numer­ous doc­tors and received a vari­ety of opin­ions includ­ing the diag­no­sis of dys­praxia and dyslexia.

Hav­ing tried all else the Will­sons were close to plac­ing Max on Ritalin when some­thing hap­pened. One day Quentin, Max’s father, went to pick Max up from a birth­day party he had been attend­ing. Quentin noted that Max was act­ing up as usual, “he’d done his usual trick of sit­ting under­neath the table for two hours”. At that party, he met the mother of one of the other chil­dren who had been observ­ing Max for the pre­vi­ous hour. She told Quentin that she thought Max’s skele­ton was out of align­ment and sug­gested that he should see the chi­ro­prac­tor she had used.

Fol­low­ing that advice the Will­sons took Max to see a chi­ro­prac­tor. Quentin recalls the first vist and day by say­ing, “It was just flick­ing the bones around his neck and shoul­ders, but that night, Max slept con­tin­u­ously until morn­ing for the first time since his birth, nearly five years before.”

Need­less to say the Will­sons were extremely delighted at their son’s progress. Max’s dad Quentin summed up their feel­ings by say­ing “He sleeps like a log and has lost all that weird­ness. He no longer has a class­room assis­tant and we’ve taken him out of his sec­ond gen­teel prepara­tory school with five chil­dren in the class and put him into a lit­tle vil­lage state school where he’s flour­ish­ing. He’s still a bit behind because he effec­tively missed out on a cou­ple of years of edu­ca­tion, but you can rea­son with him and he’s read­ing and writ­ing and it’s amaz­ing. I can only put this down to the chiropractic.”

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In the May 5, 2004 issue of the Jour­nal of the Amer­i­can Med­ical Asso­ci­a­tion comes a study report that shows that blood-​pressure levels

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