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Chi­ro­prac­tic Care Can Help With Ear Infec­tions

The above head­line comes from the Jan­u­ary 2005 issue of the mag­a­zine Up & Com­ing. This arti­cle tells the story of a 13 year old girl named May Beth, who had suf­fered from ear infec­tions most of her life. Her father, was the author of the arti­cle. He started off by describ­ing May Beth’s his­tory and explained that by the time his daugh­ter was 13 months old, she’d had 11 ear infec­tions. He explained that each time she was given an antibi­otic which caused the ear infec­tion to go away after about a week, but it would soon return.

After a while May Beth was even give antibi­otics as a pre­ven­ta­tive. How­ever this did not work and her father began to get con­cerned about the effects all these antibi­otics would have on his daugh­ter. As mat­ters got worse May Beth’s father grew more con­cerned. He stated, “I became des­per­ate for an end to her mis­ery. I was con­cerned about how these chronic ear infec­tions might be affect­ing her devel­op­ing speech and how the antibi­otics might be affect­ing her nat­ural immu­nity. As a result, I arranged for her to have a myringec­tomy, a type of surgery in which tiny tubes are placed in the child’s ear to pre­vent fluid buildup. While I believed the oper­a­tion was May Beth’s best option, I felt ter­ri­ble about hav­ing her undergo a gen­eral anes­thetic and surgery at such a young age. There are no words to describe the feel­ing I had watch­ing my smil­ing baby girl dressed in a tiny hos­pi­tal gown wave back at me as she was being wheeled in a lit­tle red wagon into the oper­at­ing room.”

Unfor­tu­nately, even after the surgery May Beth’s ear infec­tions didn’t stop. Less than two months later, she was once again tak­ing antibi­otics. Soon after it was sug­gested that she have a sec­ond surgery. Her father noted, “I just couldn’t bear it. I was at my wit’s end.”

Then coin­ci­den­tally, May Beth’s father had just started chi­ro­prac­tic school and had heard that chi­ro­prac­tic care had helped many chil­dren with chronic ear infec­tions. He then took May Beth to a fam­ily chi­ro­prac­tor who began adjust­ing May Beth. The results were won­der­ful. May Beth’s father described the events by say­ing, “Since that time, she’s had one ear infec­tion that lasted less than two days with no med­ica­tion. Her over­all health has been excel­lent — and she can talk up a storm!”

He summed up his com­ments in this arti­cle by explain­ing, “Chi­ro­prac­tic adjust­ment may resolve the ear infec­tions with­out the need for surgery. Our bod­ies — young and old — are won­der­fully made to take care of many of the prob­lems we encounter. A cor­rect align­ment of the spine max­i­mizes the body’s poten­tial to take care of itself.”

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In a May 26, 2005 fea­ture arti­cle from the “Health.telegraph” news ser­vice in Great Britain, comes a feel-​good story of Max Will­son, a

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