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Chi­ro­prac­tic is New Twist in Pet Care

The above title comes from the head­line of a July 23, 2003 arti­cle in the Boston Globe. The story starts by report­ing on a class at Tufts Uni­ver­sity School of Vet­eri­nary Med­i­cine, where some two dozen vet­eri­nar­i­ans from across the coun­try and Canada are try­ing to be cer­ti­fied as chi­ro­prac­tors for ani­mals. The arti­cle noted that the class was the third of four in a con­tin­u­ing edu­ca­tion pro­gram Tufts is offer­ing for the first time this year to vet­eri­nar­i­ans who want to be cer­ti­fied in chi­ro­prac­tic for animals.

Dr. Julia H. Sturm of Day­ton, MD was one of those who trav­eled to Tufts for the train­ing noted that she already offers some alter­na­tive med­i­cine for ani­mals. ‘This just goes hand in glove with what I’m already doing,’ Sturm said.

Dr. Narda G. Robin­son, head of man­ual ther­apy at Col­orado State University’s Col­lege of Vet­eri­nary Med­i­cine and Bio­med­ical Sci­ences com­mented, “It’s rid­ing on the coat­tails, on the pop­u­lar­ity, of com­ple­men­tary med­i­cine for peo­ple. Dr. Kerry J. Ridg­way, an instruc­tor from Sonoma, Calif., has been try­ing to per­suade vet­eri­nary schools to incor­po­rate chi­ro­prac­tic into their cur­ric­ula for 15 years. He com­mented, “Many dogs can’t climb stairs and could be helped by chi­ro­prac­tic. ‘Peo­ple are actu­ally com­ing in my office and say­ing, ‘Can you rec­om­mend a chiropractor?’

Dr. Ridg­way stated that horses are reg­u­larly treated by vet­eri­nar­i­ans because they are often involved in sports. “Along with seek­ing com­fort for the ani­mals, many own­ers want chi­ro­prac­tic treat­ment for their horses to improve their per­for­mances on tracks,” he said. ‘You know what it feels like to have a sore back and be asked to run 100 meters?’

In 2001, Col­orado State’s vet­eri­nary school became the first in the coun­try to offer train­ing for such prac­tice, which the uni­ver­sity calls ‘man­ual ther­apy,’ Dr. Robin­son said. Col­orado State Uni­ver­sity avoids using the word chi­ro­prac­tic, she said, because some vet­eri­nar­i­ans who use the term have been sued by chi­ro­prac­tors who treat humans.

Accord­ing to the Amer­i­can Vet­eri­nary Chi­ro­prac­tic Asso­ci­a­tion, which cer­ti­fies ani­mal chi­ro­prac­tors, 683 vet­eri­nar­i­ans world­wide are cer­ti­fied to per­form chi­ro­prac­tic work on ani­mals, 571 in the United States.

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