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Chi­ro­prac­tor at Bethesda Med­ical cen­tre Takes Care of Con­gress and Supreme Court

An inter­est­ing arti­cle appeared on the March 1, 2006 CNN​.com health web­site, that came from the CNN part­ner Med​Page​To​day​.com. The story is of a Chi­ro­prac­tor, Dr. William Mor­gan who is the first chi­ro­prac­tor to receive hos­pi­tal priv­i­leges at the National Naval Med­ical cen­tre in Bethesda Maryland.

The story starts of by say­ing, “When a Supreme Court jus­tice is nurs­ing an aching back or a sen­a­tor has a crick in the neck, Dr. William Mor­gan is the man they may call for help.” Dr. Mor­gan is not new to the mil­i­tary. His his­tory noted that after high school, he joined the Navy where he received train­ing as a hos­pi­tal corps­man, He was assigned to a Marine Corps recon­nais­sance unit and a Navy spe­cial war­fare unit.

After his time in the Navy, Mor­gan did not know what career to fol­low. That is where fate seemed to step in. The story notes that he found a career after he injured his back. “For months I tried tra­di­tional treat­ments and had no relief,” he said. “Finally, when I could barely walk, I went to a chi­ro­prac­tor. I was 90 per­cent bet­ter in just a week.”

His expe­ri­ence led him to attend chi­ro­prac­tic school and he received his Doc­tor of Chi­ro­prac­tic degree. After school he started his chi­ro­prac­tic career with a three-​month mis­sion­ary team in west­ern Africa. He then prac­ticed for 13 years in Cal­i­for­nia when he heard that the National Naval Med­ical cen­tre was look­ing for a chi­ro­prac­tor. He com­mented, “From my time in the Navy I knew that Bethesda was a world-​class med­ical cen­tre and that work­ing there would be some­thing very special.”

With his his­tory in the mil­i­tary, and his desire to serve at Bethesda, Dr. Mor­gan packed up his fam­ily and moved to Mary­land, where he became a con­tract employee of the U.S. Navy. Since then he has enjoyed his time of being the chi­ro­prac­tor to many gov­ern­ment offi­cials. Dr. Mor­gan con­cluded the arti­cle by say­ing, “I have the best job in the hos­pi­tal and I get imme­di­ate grat­i­fi­ca­tion for what I do. When peo­ple come to me they are at the end of the line. They have tried every­thing and noth­ing worked. So, when I try some­thing and it works, I am gratified.”

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Pre­lim­i­nary results of a new sci­en­tific study show that chi­ro­prac­tic care sig­nif­i­cantly improves both stan­dard phys­i­cal assess­ments for health and self-​assessment of quality

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