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Child Movie Star Big Sup­porter of Chi­ro­prac­tic

Jonathan Lip­nicki is the child star of movies such as Jerry McGuire and the two Stu­art Lit­tle movies. He has been under chi­ro­prac­tic care most of his life. In fact, on one of his early inter­views on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, he stated that he wanted to be a chi­ro­prac­tor when he grows up. Appar­ently his future employ­ment will not be as a chi­ro­prac­tor since his act­ing career has con­tin­ued to sky­rocket. How­ever, he still wants chi­ro­prac­tic to be a part of his life as he stated at a recent chi­ro­prac­tic con­ven­tion appear­ance that he may not become a chi­ro­prac­tor, but he’d like to marry one.

Lip­nicki, now 15, has also shown his love for chi­ro­prac­tic by tak­ing on the role as a spokesper­son for Pedi­atric Chi­ro­prac­tic. In an inter­view pub­lished in the Jan­u­ary 2005 issue of Chi­ro­prac­tic Eco­nom­ics, he noted that he received his first adjust­ment when he was just a few months old and he’s been recev­ing adjust­ments all of his life. He stated, “It’s a good way to live. You per­form at your best, whether it’s aca­d­e­m­i­cally or physically.”

He also showed his sup­port for a chi­ro­prac­tic lifestyle in an inter­view for the Feb­ru­ary 26, 2005 issue of Dynamic Chi­ro­prac­tic where he com­mented, “If you want to per­form at your ulti­mate best, if you want to be the best you can be in sports and in school, men­tally, phys­i­cally — chi­ro­prac­tic is the way, because every­thing has to do with your ner­vous sys­tem, and if you can clear up any sub­lux­a­tion in there, you’ll be pretty much OK.”

Lip­nicki will be doing pub­lic ser­vice announce­ments and speak­ing to the press in a effort to raise the con­scious­ness of chil­dren and their par­ents con­cern­ing chi­ro­prac­tic and a healthy lifestyle. He made his rea­son­ing clear by say­ing in the Chi­ro­prac­tic Eco­nom­ics arti­cle, “I want to be part of the solu­tion by telling kids. I love this well­ness lifestyle.”

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