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Cana­di­ans Say Back Pain is an Impor­tant Health Con­di­tion, and Rate Chi­ro­prac­tic High

From the June 25, 2003 issues of the Ottawa Cit­i­zen, and the June 26 Lon­don Free Press, comes a report on the sur­pris­ingly high rate at which Cana­di­ans suf­fer from back pain. Accord­ing to the arti­cle, a poll released indi­cated that almost two-​thirds of Cana­di­ans expe­ri­enced back pain in the past year, while more than seven in 10 with­stood back pain of some degree over the last two years. Dr. Greg Stew­art, pres­i­dent of the Cana­dian Chi­ro­prac­tic Asso­ci­a­tion stated, “This is infor­ma­tion that is even sur­pris­ing to prac­ti­tion­ers in the back-​pain industry.”

Results of an Envi­ron­ics Research Group poll con­ducted in April 2003 sug­gest that four in 10 respon­dents reported pain last­ing from sev­eral days to a week and almost a third said their injuries lin­gered for a month or longer. About 37 per cent of back pain vic­tims said health con­di­tions such as surgery, preg­nancy or work-​related injuries were at the root of their pain.

It’s accu­mu­lated dam­age; so if you had back pain every time you lifted or when you bent over, well it wouldn’t take long for behav­ior to change.” said Dr. Stew­art. “Unfor­tu­nately these things are obvi­ously grad­ual onset and so you lit­er­ally get away with it too much until the dam­age is severe enough that the symp­toms become very severe.”

The poll also found that 88 per cent of Cana­di­ans rate back pain as a “very” or “some­what” impor­tant health con­di­tion, rank­ing as impor­tant as can­cer, heart dis­ease and AIDS, to about a third of those. Four­teen per cent said they did noth­ing about their con­di­tion. Almost 55 per cent cited cost as a bar­rier to seek­ing treat­ment, usu­ally because they wouldn’t be cov­ered by a provin­cial health plan or an employee ben­e­fits plan. Of those who sought help, 90 per cent said they were sat­is­fied with treat­ment pro­vided by a chiropractor.

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The above head­line comes from a March 15, 2007 PRNewswire and USNewswire release. The orig­i­nal release from the Amer­i­can Chi­ro­prac­tic Asso­ci­a­tion expresses safety

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