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Bill Passes US Con­gress That Short­ens Time­line for Imple­men­ta­tion of Chi­ro­prac­tic Pro­gram

On May 22, 2003 the U.S. House of Rep­re­sen­ta­tives passed leg­is­la­tion that included a pro­vi­sion to step up the time­frame of the new chi­ro­prac­tic ben­e­fit in the Depart­ment of Defense health care sys­tem. This means that, if imple­mented, chi­ro­prac­tic care will be avail­able to the US armed forces sooner than orig­i­nally planned. The bill has gone to the Sen­ate and is in the process of nego­ti­a­tions between the two houses.

This bill with the accel­er­ated timetable is aimed at full imple­men­ta­tion of the chi­ro­prac­tic pro­gram by Oct. 1, 2005. Just prior to the bill’s pas­sage, the chair­man of the House Armed Ser­vices Com­mit­tee, Rep. Dun­can Hunter (R-​CA), and the chair­man of the Total Force Sub­com­mit­tee, Rep. John McHugh (R-​NY), wrote to every mem­ber of Con­gress to urge sup­port for pas­sage of the accel­er­ated bill. In their joint state­ment they said, “HR 1588 (the bill) presents an array of ini­tia­tives that improves the qual­ity of the world wide health care ben­e­fit for the men and women of our armed forces (whether active, National Guard or Reserve) for their fam­i­lies and for retirees and their families.”

There are still many hur­dles and steps that have to be over­come for this ben­e­fit to be enacted. There are forces within the mil­i­tary bureau­cracy that are opposed to the inclu­sion of chi­ro­prac­tic in the mil­i­tary. How­ever, with the ben­e­fit of hav­ing pilot stud­ies that show the cost effec­tive­ness of chi­ro­prac­tic, (click here for that story) and with the ongo­ing demand for chi­ro­prac­tic from mil­i­tary per­son­nel, it is inevitable that chi­ro­prac­tic will even­tu­ally be fully included in care to the military.

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Evi­dence reports recently released by the Foun­da­tion for Chi­ro­prac­tic Edu­ca­tion and Research (FCER) show the effec­tive­ness of chi­ro­prac­tic care for suf­fer­ers of Tension

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