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From the online news, TheRe​porter​.com of Vacav­ille Cal­i­for­nia, comes a story of a chi­ro­prac­tor car­ing for a quar­ter horse named Bar­bie, (seen right in photo by Brad Zweerink from The Reporter). As the story is told, a cou­ple of years ago, Antionette Staniewicz noticed her blonde-​haired quar­ter horse didn’t saunter as viva­ciously as she once did.

The story reported that Staniewicz had tried a vet­eri­nar­ian to no avail when she decided to call Dr. Troy Stevens. Dr. Stevens is a chi­ro­prac­tor who had com­pleted a 200-​hour course and is now cer­ti­fied by the Amer­i­can Vet­eri­nary Chi­ro­prac­tic Asso­ci­a­tion. Dr. Stevens is one of the few chi­ro­prac­tors who is cer­ti­fied in Cal­i­for­nia to care for mis­aligned spines of ani­mals as well as humans.

Dr. Stevens, whose ani­mal patients are pri­mar­ily horses, dogs and cats, notes, “The phi­los­o­phy and prin­ci­ples in ani­mal and human chi­ro­prac­tic is the same, except we’re ver­ti­cal and they’re horizontal.”

While stand­ing on a Sty­ro­foam block, Dr. Stevens noted that his care often helped horses with symp­toms such as lame­ness, short­ened strides and gen­eral lethargy. The story noted that his abil­ity to help ani­mals with these con­di­tions often baf­fles veterinarians.

Dr. Stevens noted that many times the results with ani­mals are bet­ter than with humans. He stated, “You get faster results with equines and dogs (than with humans) because they don’t have all the stress between their ears.”

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An Asso­ci­ated Press story on August 25, 2004, reported on a new study which shows women who drink more than one sweet­ened soft drink

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